What Is A Sitting Tenant?

What Is A Sitting Tenant?

How does a sitting tenant affect you and how does it affect the value of the house they occupy.

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Do You Have A Sitting Tenant

How do you know if you have a sitting tenant? What rights do you have as a landlord?

If you own a house that is occupied by a sitting tenant you will already be aware that they have more rights that you do to occupy the house in question. Provided they tick all of the boxes you can not ask them to leave their home and you can not increase the rent whenever you feel like it! Generally speaking most protected tenancies were created over 20-30 years ago so you shouldn't be surprised if you buy a house with a tenant that the actual tenant comes with the house. If a tenant has been living in a house for the past 20 years they will almost certainly have a special status.

Can you ask a sitting tenant to move out of their home or move into the house yourself

If you buy a house with a sitting tenant you will not be able to move them out and they are not going to move out if you ask them nicely. Why should they? If someone asked you to move out of your home what would you say? They have the right to stay in the house until they die or until they are forced to move out because of health reasons.

So beware, the reason a house is being sold cheaply is becasue the tenant is coming with the house. They are inseperable and you have no rights a far as moving into the house is concerned. If the tenants have a tenancy on the whole house you will not be able to move into one of the bedrooms and try to force them out. You my move into one of the bedrooms if the tenants only have a bedsit but would you really want to do that?


Can I Offer A Sitting Tenant Money To Move Out Of A Property I Own

I want to offer a tenant a sum of money to move out of their home. Can I do this?

This is a question we are often asked and the answer is yes you can. But our experience is that the amount of money required to move them out will depend on the value of the house that they occupy. If a sitting tenant is living in a large house in Westminster that is valued at £5m they are not going to accept a cheque for £20k to move out are they?

They know that the moment they hand the keys back to you that the value of the house will double overnight. Therefore they are going to want a slice of the action. Most tenants will want atlease 25% of the vacant value of the house if they are to move out. They will need enough money to buy somewhere to live as they will not be able to rent anywhere particularly if they have retired. So in most cases this is not an option to most vendors.

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