Valuations For Sitting Tenants

Free Sitting Tenant Valuations For All Landlords Across England

Sitting Tenant valuation service for Flats and houses that are occupied by protected tenants across England.  Call the experts for a free market appraisal.


Sitting Tenant Valuation

We have been buying properties with sitting tenants for over 30 years and therefore have a vast knowledge and understanding of these particular types of tenancies. If you are looking to sell a protected tenancy we will be able to tell you over the phone how much your house or flat is worth so that you can decide whether or not you want to sell. There is no need for us to come out and visit the property which means that we will not need to disturb your tenants.

How Do We Value A House With Sitting Tenants?

When it comes to carrying out the valuation it is very important to know the age of the tenant and to clarify if they are the original tenants or if they have inherited the tenancy. It is important to know this so that we can establish the exact type of tenancy is in place. We also need to know when the tenants moved into the property and whether they are the only tenants on the rent register.


How Much Rent Is Being Paid. When Was The Last Rent Increase?

It is also important for us to know how much rent is being paid and whether or not there are any arrears. We also need to know when the rent was last increased and when the next rent increase is due. In some cases the property may not be registered at the local rent office and the current rent may have been set by the current landlord. This is not a problem but it may well benefit all parties if the property is officially registered on the rent register at the local rent office.

Are There Any Disputes? Is Any Work Due To Be Carried Out At The Property?

We also need to know whether there have been any disputes and whether or not there are any works that need to be carried out at the property. Sometimes it is beneficial to improve the property as you may be able to increase the rent if the rent officer agrees. We also need to know if there are any essential works or remedial works that may be required.

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