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Regulated Tenants - What Is A Regulated Tenancy?

All regulated tenancies were created prior to 15 January 1989. If a tenant moved into a property without a tenancy agreement or without being served a section 20 notice the chances are the tenants will become regulated tenants and will benefits from rent controls that are set out in law. The tenant has many  rights including the right to live in the property until they pass away or until they decide to move out.

Regulated Tenants Very Rarely Vacate The Property

Very rarely will a tenant move out so they are always purchased on the basis that they will be there for a very long time. Access To The Propert nThe law is very clear on the rights enjoyed by a regulated and these include the right to live in the property undisturbed  and a landlord may not enter the property as and when they want to. The only way that a landlord may view the property is by arranging a prior appointment with the tenant.

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Regulated Tenants Rent Increases Linked To RPI

The landlord is not able to increase the rent unless they first apply to the rent service to increase the rent. The rent can only be increased every two years and is linked to the retail prices index. If you are unable to agree a rent increase with your tenant the rent assessment panel will decide on the amont that should be paid.

Carrying Out Repairs To The Building

The landlord is responsible for all repairs to the outside of the building as detailed below. The tenant will be responsible for the internal decorations but there is no way a landlord can force a tenant to decorate the interior which is why many of these properties are in need of refurbishment when they eventually become vacant. When the property becomes vacant the landlord will have to refurbish the property at their own expense.\r\n\r\nThe law says your landlord has to keep the structure and exterior of the property in good repair. This includes the roof, guttering, walls (but this doesn''t include internal decoration) windows and doors.

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