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Assured Tenants And How They Affect The Value Of Your Investment

Assured tenant valuations are carried out free of charge. Please call for an offer.


Assured Tenant? Looking To Sell A House With An Assured Tenancy?

Assured tenancies always sought across London and the south-east

It is very important to know the difference between an assured tenancy and and assured shorthold tenancy. As Assured tenant has security of tenure which means they have have the right to live in the house and you can't evict them. As assured shorthold tenancy is a modern tenancy that is created for a minimum of six months. An assured shorthold tenancy is created nowadays and is the most common type of tenancy created today. A house that is occupied by an assured tenant would be worth considerably less that a house with a short term tenancy for obvious reasons.

Assured Tenants And Their Rights To Stay In Their Home

If you have an assured tenancy it will probably be registered at the local rent office and the rent will probably be set by the rent assessment panel. This means that you will not be able to increase your rent every year and that you will have to go through the local rent office to do so.

Assured Tenancies Asking For A Rent Increase. Can I Increase The Rent Every Year?

If you ask for an unrealistic sum the tenant will refuse to pay until the rent has been assessed by a rent officer. Under no circumstances can you evict the tenant from their home even if they do not pay their rent. In order for you to be able to evict a tenant you must get an eviction order from the courts.


Assured Tenants How Much Is My Property Worth?

If you are selling an assured tenancy the most important factor taken into consideration will be the age of the tenants along with the saleability of the home they occupy. A property with an older tenant will be worth more than a house occupied by a tenant aged 50 years.

How Quick Can You Buy My Property From Me

If you decide to sell your property to us we can guarantee you a very quick sale. In most cases our transactions take just under a week or so. This is because we have cash funds available to complete any sale within a couple of days. We do not even need to view your property internally. We do not need to meet your tenant and we will not require a survey! This means that completion can happen much quicker. We look forward to hearing from you.



Sitting tenant recent acquisitions - similar properties urgently required

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    Essex House Sitting Tenant

    completed sale within 7 days

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    Wandsworth SW18 Life Tenant

    Victorian house with 80 yr old life tenant

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    Brixton SW2 Flat Sitting Tenant

    2 bed maisonette 75 yr old tenant

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    Gloucester Flat Single Tenant

    Purchased within 14 days