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About Us - What We Do - How We Can Help With A Sitting Tenant

We have been buying properties with sitting tenants for many years and always require properties


A few words about us

We have been buying sitting tenants for over 30 years and are keen to add to our existing portfolio

We started buying houses and flats with sitting tenants long before they became popular as property investments. Protected tenants by their very nature are special types of tenancies where unlike an assured shorthold tenant has the right to stay in their property until they did. They have security of tenure and you can not ask them to move out. This is why they are only popular with some property investors as they are not short term tenancies. There are very special rules that landlords must adhere to regarding these tenancies and so care must be exercised when dealing with tenant issues.

Our existing portfolio comprises of flats and houses with tenants over 60 years

We generally like to buy properties where the tenants are aged 60 years and over but we will consider tenants of a younger age. We can tell you over the phone whether or not your property is of interest so please get in touch with us. The location of your property is as important as the age of the tenant so it is always wort a call to our offices to tell us what you are selling.


We Buy Houses With Sitting Tenants, Protected Tenants And Life Tenants

We buy all types of tenancies apart from assured shorthold tenancies. We are keen to purchase life tenancies as well as protected tenancies particularly in and around the London area. We have vast experience in buying these types of investment and may even buy your property if there is a dispute with your tenant. We understand the problems that can arise from time to time and can confirm that we are able to take a view on most problems that sometimes come up. Our solicitors are always in funds to complete transactions on our behalf in any part of the country.

Sitting Tenants Purchased Quickly With Minimum Of Fuss

We In most cases we can proceed to completion without the need to meet your sitting tenants. It is also possible that we will be able to buy your property without carrying out an internal inspection or a survey of the building. We can only do this because we have cash funds available to complete all of our acquisitions. We are not reliant of any financial institutions for funding which means that we are in complete control of our acquisitions. We would love to hear from you if you have a protected tenancy for sale

Sitting tenant recent acquisitions - similar properties urgently required

  • image description
    Essex House Sitting Tenant

    completed sale within 7 days

  • image description
    Wandsworth SW18 Life Tenant

    Victorian house with 80 yr old life tenant

  • image description
    Brixton SW2 Flat Sitting Tenant

    2 bed maisonette 75 yr old tenant

  • image description
    Gloucester Flat Single Tenant

    Purchased within 14 days